Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ufc 162 silva vs. weidman

Never underestimate your opponent!

I have a little feeling that this is going to happen soon, anderson silva being knockout and as being said, anderson was indeed been knockout in ufc162. Anderson was playing inside the octagon, he was trying to mess Chris Weidman's mind but it backfired.

I had to admit i was still in shock with the result, the same feeling when i watch Pacqiauo-Marquez IV. A pound for pound the best in the world has fallen, and in the same manner they got KTFO although Pacquiao's KO was far worse.

Now going back to Anderson's defeat, the fight was like watching a crappy stand up comedian, Anderson tries to entertain the people by trying to be comedic, putting his hands down, putting his face in front of Weidman, inviting Weidman to come in to kick him or punch him or in other words too cocky. How many times we've seen Anderson being too cocky inside the octagon only this time it got the better of him.

During the post fight interview, it's like Anderson is hinting he is over being a champion, he is tired defending his belt for almost 7 years. Are we seeing the last of Anderson Silva? Is he considering retirement? I know your were gracious in defeat Anderson, but that lost and that attitude inside the octagon was embarrassing and i must say the jokes on you.

Congratulations on Chris Weidman you really deserve the belt, you are disciplined not to fall for Anderson's tricks. The spotlight now is on you, enjoy the moment champ!

Next up, how about a Weidman - Jones match up? 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Filipinos love ginamos

Why? Because it is cheap, because it is delicious, because it is an appetizer, i wonder if other south east asian countries also have ginamos. 😁👍

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We all know Mr. MVP Rose is dead serious inside the basketball court, but during all star break we can't help but notice Mr. MVP still can't take away his game face on! C'mon Derrick show us some of your dance moves LOL